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Did we mention that all our staff are adults? We never use anyone under the age of 18 to distribute our leaflets or material. All of our distributors know the areas where they are heading into and are GPS tracked for your peace of mind. The only house holds we will not deliver to are those that have a sign, note or any other message displayed that specifically says that they do not wish to receive circulars, leaflets or junk mail.

Why not take us up on a test campaign? Instruct us to conduct an initial leaflet drop for you so you can measure the response you get from it to see if it will in fact be a viable marketing option for you and your business.

Oh, and make sure you include the phrase LEAFLETS88 in the body of your message below! That will guarantee you obtaining the best possible discount for our leaflet distribution campaigns.

If you do not require our leaflet distribution services, or if you are going to use another company for this (after all it is a free world and you have the freedom of choice) but you do want to speak with us about our print only service, then visit our LEAFLET PRINTING page for a more tailored quotation.